We offer the best organic and specialty coffee beans from Colombia.



Our mission is to provide quality coffee beans for roasters, coffee shops and distributors around the world guaranteeing end to end support in the acquisition of Colombian Specialty Coffees.

We work with farmers and Colombian indigenous communities to offer you the best organic and specialty beans you can have.

Handpicked coffee harvest with a long tradition experienced to accomplish the best coffee quality in the world.

We apply the best practices to obtain premium organic and certified specialty coffee. Our coffees are widely distributed to Europe, North- America and are certified by the European union, FDA, among others as well as national federation of coffee growers from Colombia (Federación nacional de cafeteros de Colombia). 


We work with farmers and Colombian indigenous communities.



Colombian Specialty Coffees come from arabica coffee plants, being these one of the best coffees of the world. We travel throughout Colombia and its regions where specialty coffee is produced in order to select different varieties that can be differentiated by their origin.

Colombia is right in the middle of the world, so every day it enjoys the sunlight for a long time, besides a favorable tropical climate and the diverse geography of the Andes. All of these advantages contribute that Colombian soil has the necessary nutrients to harvest the best coffee high in the mountains.



In addition to the special conditions of altitude, latitude and climate, Colombian coffee has a fundamental attribute: land quality. The soils of Colombian coffee crops zones are characterized by being mostly derived from volcanic ash, which gives them a high content of organic material and good physical features for the production of coffee.


Coffee cupping according to origin.


coffee cupping



Low and medium to high acidity. Excellent character and mildly bitter flavour. Chocolate and walnut notes.

Produced by the indigenous Kogi. Wiwa and Arawako tribes of the highest coastal mountain in the world.



Medium acidity and high body. Herbal tones and citrussy sensation.



Medium acidity and body. With sweet tones, and lightly sulfured, herbal aroma.



Medium body. Medium and high acidity. Intense aroma. Balanced, with a sweet aftertaste.



Medium body and medium to high acidity. Silky, sweet and fruity aftertaste. Pronounced caramel aroma.